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Stimulating Day Care Activities That Promote Learning

Trinity Child Development believes that children learn from everything they do. We offer a variety of daycare activities, including dance classes and field trips to enhance your child's experience at our daycare center.

Mother and Daughter Playing in the Grass

Dance Classes

We conduct dance classes for our children and have a wooden dance floor to practice on. Dance instruction is included when your child is attending the center. The classes are once a week, every Saturday, and we teach mainly ballet. Students that are participating need to bring their ballet outfits, including slippers, tights, and tutus. Our instructor is a certified dance teacher, well known in Orlando, Florida. Available to children aged three to five, classes are an hour long and take place at 10:30 a.m. Starting in 2020.

Parent & Child Field Trips

To stimulate your child's mind, we arrange daycare field trips to local theme parks within the state of Florida. The field trips are great opportunities to share new learning experiences with your child. Depending on the location, some field trips are free for parents to attend, and some have a small fee. We take trips to local amusement parks, Cypress Gardens, Jacksonville Alligator Farm, and many other places. Field trips are offered during the year for the children aged three to five.

Allergy Aware Meals

Healthy, nutritious meals are an absolute necessity for growing children. Trinity Child Development's child care food program is approved by the Coalition of Orlando, and the meals we provide are cooked fresh every day, including breakfast, lunch, and a snack.

Our menu is posted weekly, so parents know in advance what meals will be served, and the items served change every day. Allergies are a real concern for parents, especially in very young children, and we are experienced with and cater to children with allergies, so please notify us when you apply for enrollment. Our staff is skilled in preparing food accordingly, and your child is safe.

Uniformed & Ready

We are a uniformed center, and parents can purchase uniforms from department stores such as Wal-Mart.  The school uniforms are blue pants and skirts, white shirts, and black tennis shoes. Uniforms are subject to change for colors. Coming this fall, we will supply each child with a book bag displaying Trinity Child Development's name. Call for more details!